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Between Worlds

10 years ago a virus spread by nightmarish creatures destroyed more than half the population. All that remains of the Guardian forces is the youngest generation, their wyre the last of a once powerful species. Living on the edge of the wilds in constant watch for a new threat, Faelyn is content with her nomadic lifestyle. Along with her white wyre Celestin, the pair never stay in one place longer than they have to. Until things begin changing again. Rumors of the virus return, of the creatures that spread it the first time, begin to spread across the lands of the Between. Its easy to dismiss rumors, until a person from the past that isn’t supposed to exist appears. Faelyn must then decide if she is prepared to go to war in order to keep him alive.

The Story of Us

It started with a horse, and a dream. That dream grew into the Haze family. Between witches, vampires, werewolves, warg, church grims, dragons, faeries, and falling down rabbit holes, this is the not so little family that knows at the heart of any problem is love for each other. Two loving parents, 8 wild kids, and the stories that made them. It all begins with Wishmaker, the black thoroughbred that can't seem to be beaten on the racetrack.


"I must write to know I exist, without script or ink how can I be sure?"

KT Wilder


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I've been writing and creating since as far back as I could remember. Fantasy and the paranormal have interested me since the beginning. Writing has always been an escape, a way to process life and better understand myself. My soul, my ideas, my experiences and my own struggles are reflected in my work. Writing has saved my life in many ways.

I live in central Texas with my wife, four dogs, a bearded dragon and two horses. If I'm not writing, I'm either playing with the horses or working as a Physical Therapist Assistant.